Regarding Protein Allergy You Need to Know

Protein is an important nutritional component that the body needs. But in some people, protein can actually backfire for the body that triggers an allergic reaction. This condition is called protein allergy. Basically, a protein allergy is a food allergy, an allergic reaction that occurs when a person's immune system responds excessively to the protein from the food consumed. Generally, this condition affects the skin, digestive tract, and respiratory tract. Symptoms of protein allergy can appear suddenly after consuming certain foods that contain protein. Apart from food, protein allergies can also occur due to skin contact reactions to certain proteins in animals or plants. Know the Food Sources that Cause Protein Allergies All foods that contain protein have the potential to cause allergies in some people. However, there are certain types of foods that are very common to cause allergies. Protein allergy problems that often occur are egg allergies, seafood or seafood allerg
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